Hi 👋 I'm Anthony Diké, 21 y/o product designer & NYU student from New York City.

I created PM News to learn from the best.

Over time, I noticed that many of my newsletter readers, and beyond, wanted career insights to help them along their product career.

So I thought, “why not just create a place with the best product career insights on the web?”

PM News allows me to help those that want to advance in their career.

And, it also gives me an excuse to have conversations with product titans like Lenny Rachitsky, Ryan Hoover, and Brian Norgard (fingers crossed).

I'll ask them questions to extract their greatest insights.

Questions I've asked:

• "How did you build your growth flywheel after your first 2,000 users at Product Hunt? What advice do you have for others?"

• "How do you invest in the product of yourself?"

• "At Airbnb, how exactly do you go about building your relationships and network for later career growth?"

My goals is for PM News to be "steroids for product people" —a go-to resource to bolster their career & skills.

If you're interested in that, join PM News today.

Thanks for reading :)

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